Our Church building of about 40,000sq.ft. is being torn down by the City of Philadelphia, declaring it as unsafe.  It is costing the City a huge sum of money to demolish our building.  Our Church building is located in the heart of North Philly in a great harvest domain to thrust in the sickle and reap souls for Christ.  Some columns fell from our building and struck our neighbor's building who have been fighting the renovation of this Church building for over 12 years with 7 hearings at the Zoning Board.  As a result, the City determined that our Church building be demolished.  The history of our building is similar to the scenario of 1 Kings 21.

            The Church of the Living God/Healing and Miracle Center is pleading to Everyone to stand with our Church by donating generously so that we can repossess our property from the City and erect a New Temple of God on the same property. 

            The whole project is going to cost the Church about $7 million, and we are believing God to speak to your heart to help us out at this time of need.  Be a part of God's Army in building His Temple to silence the enemy that fought this Church for over a decade.  It is all about souls!!! "Jesus came to seek and save the lost." 

            We need your donations URGENTLY!  God will bless you tremendously.  Your names will be inscribed on the wall of the Sanctuary of this Church.  The seven Supernatural blessings of Exodus 23:26-31 will be your portion. 

            The Lord will:

            1.  Bless your bread

            2.  Bless your water

            3.  Make you fruitful

            4.  Give you long life

            5.  Heal your body as He takes away sickness from your midst

            6.  Destroy all your enemies

            7.  Increase your properties beyond your expectation.

                                      To donate Click the Donate button:
  1301 S. 57TH STREET